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How To Strip Floors



To remove a floor finish (wax) when any of the following occurs:

a. The color begins to turn.
b. The finish begins to build up.
c. Mopping, spray buffing, or re-waxing does not give the results desired.

How To Refinish Wood Floors with Sandscreen Discs



Sand screen discs are used to remove surface scratches, dulling gloss finishes for re-coating, and any floor operation where only the removal of the finish is desired, leaving the hardwood flooring beneath unaltered. This system is most desirable in situations where the floor surface being prepared is only slightly worn or re-coating is frequently required (i.e. gymnasium floors).

How To Clean Carpet with a Carpet Bonnet



To maintain a pleasing appearance and obtain maximum carpet life through the removal of dirt and soil.


How To Seal Floors



To prepare the floor to accept floor finish (wax) by filing the pores of a new floor or of an old porous floor which has been stripped.

How To Finish (Wax) Floors



To provide a protective floor surface which improves the floor's appearance and is easy to maintain.


How To Scrub Floors



To remove build-up of water resistant soil, black heel marks, or heavy dirt deposits from the floor.


How To Wet Mop



To clean a floor by removing water soluble stains and soil.


How To Spray Buff Floors



To maintain the floor's appearance and cleanliness without having to wet scrub or wet strip. Spray buffing picks up dead finish and dirt, replacing it with a spray buff solution. It also levels and fills scratches and reduces the need for stripping.

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